The Benefits of Juicing Recipes

by admin on May 17, 2013

Most people nowadays are getting more conscious about their health and have come up many ways in order for them to get healthy by making their own juicing recipes that delight their day. Wonder how to make these different kinds of juicing recipes? Sit back and relax, as you will find out in this article what the secrets of these juicing recipes are.

Juicing recipe is an easy way of making a juice using a juicer, or a blender or by manually pressing any fruits and vegetables to suck or drain its juice. Some juicing recipe fanatics include the skin of these fruits and vegetables. The pulps of these juicing recipes can still be cooked or can be added in some cooking recipes.

Fruits and vegetables are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals and some are rich in protein and comes with minimal fats. They are also high in fiber that cleanse the digestive system and wash out toxins out of the body. It also boosts the immune system fighting several diseases.

The ingredients are readily available in the market. What you need is a juicer, the right ingredients and the time to make these juicing recipes. Remember to have other foods included in your meal because you still need other nutrients that are not found in juicing recipes.

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

Eating fruits and vegetables or drinking juicing recipes prior to eating can make you feel a lot of fuller and heavier, which will lessen up your meal consumption since these contain so much fiber that will absorb more liquid in your stomach. This recipe is good for those who want to lose some extra pound without suffering from missing their hearty meals.  Here is an example.

1. Green Machine

This juicing recipe will not only make you full, but will energize you for the day, thus making it good for your weight reduction regime.

Ingredients: 3 cucumbers, a bunch of kale, half bunch of parsely, half bunch of spinach, half bunch of swiss chard, 2 peeled lemons, and stevia (if you want).

Instructions: Put all the ingredients to the juicer and voila!

Juicing Recipes for Energy

If your body feel a little bit slow or sluggish or you brain does not work anymore, this juicing recipe will boost you with the energy you want to regain.

What makes this juicing recipes give you energy? They contain vitamins and minerals that will energize your day. Another fact is that they contain high fibers that cleanse the digestive tract. This helps in better absorption of the nutrients needed in the body.

Here are some examples of juicing recipes that will energize the body:

1. Apple Carrot Parsley

Apple contains a lot of nutrients and has enough calories to give you energy.

Ingredients:  2-3 apples, 3-4 carrots, a handful of parsley, a stalk of broccoli (if you want)

Instructions:  Cut the apples and remove the core. Remove the top of the carrots. Put it the apples and carrots and alternately add the parsley. Then serve.

2. The Beet Recipe

The beet juice health benefits are not yet well known. Beet juice are said to cleanse the blood and helps build red blood cells. It also helps the body build the production of glutathione which detoxify poisons coming from certain cancer.

Ingredients: 3-4 beets (tops may or may not be removed), 4-5 carrots, handful of parsley, 2 apples, a pint of strawberries, 2 heads lettuce, 1 grapefruit, 1 small cucumber,  1 lemon,  a bunch of mint, and  an inch of ginger.

Instructions: Put all these ingredients in the juicer. This will make more than 60 ounces. Serve with ice.

Vegetable Juicing Recipes

Fruits are love by all, but the taste of most vegetables is not acceptable by many. Vegetables are great source of minerals and good for detoxifying the effect of phytochemicals running in your body. This problem with vegetables for pesky eaters is solved by making it in juicing recipes. The rule of thumb for vegetables is the greener it takes the better.

Here is an example for this recipe:

1. Green Garlic Monster

Simple as it may seem very nutritious and can boost your immune system.

Ingredients:  ½ -1 cucumber, a handful of spinach, half cup of cabbage, 2-3 carrots (cut the tops), 1 clove of garlic and a stalk of broccoli.

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients in the juicer then serve.


Fruits are rich in vitamins while vegetables are rich in minerals, and there is a better and exciting way to get its nutrients by making yourself a juicing recipes. Aside from giving your body energy, they also detoxifies the body from the toxins that circulate in the blood. These recipes also have the capacity to fight cancer cells. Considering all these benefits, juicing recipes are much better than cooking these foods because they preserves the vitamins and minerals the body requires.